Meet colleagues and discuss your work

If you are an ISBT member and have a solid background in a specific topic related to the field of Transfusion Medicine, you can join one of our Working Parties (WP).

Our Working Parties are topic-driven groups in which you can actively discuss your work with like-minded colleagues from around the globe. As a Working Party member, you are welcome to attend the meetings and/or have access to the interesting members-only content on our website (scientific updates and presentations, e.g. data, reports).

Currently, we have a total of 14 Working Parties and some of them work closely together. Each Working Party has a formal committee structure and is coordinated by one or two Chairpersons.

To read more information about the Working Parties, click on the Working Party of interest below and contact the respective Chairperson in order to join. Please login to access the members-only areas of our Working Party pages.