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ISBT started hosting webinars in 2017. They are online lectures on a wide range of transfusion medicine-related topics presented by experts. The webinars are hosted monthly and are accessible for ISBT members. After attending a webinar you can receive a certificate of attendance upon request. 

For each webinar, members of ISBT receive an invitation via email with the registration link. If you have a suggestion, comment or question, please reach out to the Communications Coordinator:


Below are the 2019 webinars listed 

Topic Speaker Date Time
Cell-free DNA and noninvasive prenatal testing of fetal blood group antigens Frederik Banch Clausen October 9. 15:00 CET
Use of biostatistics for transfusion research Kristin Lynn Sainani November 27. 22:00 CET
Spanish webinar: 30 years of home transfusion IƱigo Romon December 11. 15:00 CET

Please find here the list of the 2020 webinars

Topic Speaker Date Time
Graphic Medicine for Better Interprofessional Education & Collaboration Justin Kreuter January 8 15:00 CET
Blood Transfusion Safety in Sub-Saharan Africa Claude Tagny Tayou February 5 TBA

*Freely accessible: these live webinars or the recordings on ISBT Education are freely accessible, also for non-members

Not a good time for you? All webinars are recorded and uploaded to ISBT Education, so you can watch them afterwards and you can continue the discussion on the forum

Click here for the overview of webinars held in 2017 and 2018. All these webinars are available for ISBT members on ISBT Education. To watch congress webcasts, interviews and more visit ISBT Education or download the Education app for Android or IOS devices.

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