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ISBT started hosting webinars in 2017. They are online lectures on a wide range of transfusion medicine-related topics presented by experts. The webinars are hosted monthly and are accessible for ISBT members. After attending a webinar you can receive a certificate of attendance upon request. 

For each webinar, members of ISBT receive an invitation via email with the registration link. If you have a suggestion, comment or question, please reach out to the Communications Coordinator:


Below are the upcoming 2020 webinars listed

Open access webinar! SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Testing: Applications, Limitations and Implications for Blood BanksMike Busch, Christian Erikstrup, Hans ZaaijerJune 1114:30 CEST
Variations in hemoglobin measurement and eligibility criteria across blood donation services are associated with differing low-hemoglobin deferral rates: a BEST Collaborative studyKatja van den HurkJune 1815:00 CEST
ISBT Corporate Partner Educational webinar Grifols: Pre-transfusion testing beyond ABO and RhD: Best practicesMark YazerJune 22  14:00 CEST
The hidden burden of sickle cell disease in Africa and its impact on transfusion servicesTom WilliamsJuly 815:00 CEST
Open access webinar!  Convalescent plasma to treat COVID-19 patients: donor-, product- and patient challenges Silvano Wendel, Evan BlochJuly 1515:00 CEST

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Click here for the overview of webinars held in 2017 and 2018. All these webinars are available for ISBT members on ISBT Education. To watch congress webcasts, interviews and more visit ISBT Education or download the Education app for Android or IOS devices.