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About the ISBT Academy

The ISBT Academy was founded in 2011 to support applications for education and research activities. In 2013 the ISBT Board decided that the Academy would focus only on education and today ISBT’s education and knowledge activities are facilitated through the Academy.

ISBT Academy Goals:

  • Overseeing ISBT Education.
  • Hosting and/or financially supporting workshops or educational activities.
  • Supporting educational activities by use of the ISBT logo.

Academy funding of an educational activity and use of the ISBT logo

Anyone can apply to the Academy for:

  • funding of an educational activity
  • use of the ISBT logo
  • endorsement of educational courses

Applications should be filled in thoroughly and all requested supporting documentation included. All applications are reviewed by the Advisory committee.

Applications should be submitted half a year before the event takes place.

The organiser must complete the appropriate application form for Academy support, together with the other necessary documentation including: 

  • the (preliminary) programme of the event
  • a detailed event budget indicating what the requested amount will be used for (when applying for funding)
  • a proposed feedback form 
  • report(s) from any previous ISBT Academy funded activities (when applicable).

ISBT Education

ISBT Education is the place where ISBT members can access selected webcasts captured at ISBT Regional and International Congresses and their associated learning quizzes. ISBT Education also includes an interactive Fainting module, recordings of webcasts and Live journal clubs, as well as a guideline library that contains almost 300 scientific guideline documents from 25 different countries and/or organisations.

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ISBT Education App

Download the ISBT Education app for iOS or Android and get access to all the ISBT Education material on your mobile device. Watch accredited congress webcasts, webinars, complete the learning quizzes and much more. 

Educational courses endorsed by ISBT

Education and training of healthcare staff involved in blood transfusion is essential. In 2017 ISBT launched a new form of support, the endorsement of educational courses aimed at developing knowledge in transfusion medicine.

To view the list of educational courses that are endorsed by ISBT, please click here

ISBT Academy

The ISBT Academy Standing Committee

The Academy is governed by a Standing committee comprised of 12 people with global representation. This committee also acts as the Advisory committee to the Foundation. The Standing committee is Chaired by the two ISBT Vice Presidents. Financial support for the Academy is given by the ISBT Foundation. 

Members of the ISBT Academy Standing Committee


Eszter Herczenik

Eszter Herczenik

Scientific Officer

Marnixstraat 317
1016 TB Amsterdam
The Netherlands



“I value the wide international reach of ISBT and enjoy being part of that large, varied and diverse community”

Mickey Koh, Singapore/UK
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