About ISBT Congresses

One of the main activities of ISBT is organising Regional and International Congresses. ISBT congresses comprise plenary and parallel sessions with invited speakers and selected oral presentations on state of the art topics in the field of transfusion medicine. The ISBT congresses also provide networking opportunities and the prospect to connect professionals with industry and vice versa. ISBT is committed to holding its congresses around the world. The two Regional Congresses (one of which is held in Europe) are held in odd years whereas the International Congress is held in even years. For past congresses click here. The Congresses are organised in collaboration with a local (national) blood transfusion society or institute. In December, four years before the year of the Congress a “call for expression of interest for hosting an ISBT Congress” will be made available on the ISBT website and will be announced through various communication channels.


Regional Congresses

Every odd year the ISBT organizes two regional congresses, of which one will take place in Europe. In 2017 the congresses were organized in Copenhagen and Guangzhou, whereas in 2019 the congresses will take place in Basel and Bangkok. In due time, the links to the congress websites of the respective congresses will be published on this page, where you will be able to find more information on for example registration and the scientific programme. 

International Congresses

Every even-year the ISBT organizes an international congress, aiming to be present in all different WHO regions over the course of the years. In June 2018 the 35th International Congress of the ISBT will be organized in Toronto, Canada. In 2016, this congress was organized in Dubai, and in 2014 in Seoul. 

Upcoming ISBT Congresses in 2019

Basel, Switzerland, June 22-26

Bangkok, Thailand, November 16-19

Upcoming ISBT Congress in 2020

Barcelona, Spain, June 6-10

Young Professionals at the ISBT Congress in Toronto, Canada

Have you ever wondered how young delegates experience ISBT congresses? 
ISBT offers many opportunities for Young Professionals to share their research, meet established professionals, and build an international network to start their career in transfusion medicine. The video below provides an overview of the ISBT International Congress in Toronto, Canada, which took place from June 2-6, 2018 from the perspective of young professionals in transfusion medicine.

Young Professionals at ISBT in Toronto, Canada, 2018


Serology in immunohaematology

Discovery of Toll like receptors

Blood group 0 and malaria



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Peter van den Burg, the Netherlands
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